DISTRIBUTED ANTENNA SYSTEMS | Expertly Eliminating Dead Zones


As the demand for wireless services grows, so does the need for uninterrupted coverage and added capacity. Today’s wireless customers expect constant connection, even in especially challenging environments, such as high-density convention centers and underground subway systems. In emergency situations, the need to stay connected is critical. Down-time typically results in lost revenue for enterprises.

Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) offer wireless service providers, enterprises and building owners the ability to boost cellular coverage, improve reliability and alleviate congestion on wireless networks. Pinnacle Wireless offers complete, up-to-date DAS solutions to help deliver coverage in today’s most challenging environments. Pinnacle Wireless maintains one of the market’s largest and most highly-qualified DAS technical organizations in the Northeastern U.S. with expertise in a myriad of technologies including small cells, a cost-effective alternative to traditional macro networks.

Why In-Building DAS?

Users are requiring more coverage and are using more data than ever before in high-capacity venues that demand high data rates. Many stadiums, tourist attractions, conventional halls, hotels, malls, airports, hospitals, utilities, colleges and universities are in dire need of upgraded service. The macro carrier networks created by service providers are primarily designed for “on street” coverage, and thus are typically unable to provide complete and reliable coverage in-building.

Pinnacle Wireless DAS solutions enable property owners to install one wireless infrastructure that supports all service providers and frequencies, designed to meet and exceed your functional and capital goals.

DAS Vendor Partnerships:

• Mobile Access

• TE Connectivity

• SOLiD Technologies

• Axell Wireless

• CommScope