FTS USA | Superior Cable Installation and Support

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FTS USA, a UniTek Global Services Company, provides engineering services, cable installation, maintenance, splicing, sweep, certification, balancing, disconnect and customer service to the evolving cable television industry. FTS is one of the largest cable fulfillment providers in the United States, operating nearly 30 markets for Comcast, Charter and Time Warner Cable. In addition to fulfillment services, our skilled engineers and well-trained technicians provide aerial/underground construction, fiber splicing, multi-dwelling unit (MDU) installations and collections.

We are poised to serve as new technologies and products are changing content distribution. With on average of 5.7 video-capable connected devices per U.S. home, consumption of video on mobile platforms is on the rise. As devices diversify, the amount of total TV viewing time has continuously risen. As a trusted provider, FTS continually optimizes its presence in cable markets according to customer needs and the competitive environment.

As a premier outsourcing provider, we manage your cable installation, maintenance, disconnect and customer services, including:

  • New Drop Lines To The Premise
  • Set Top Box Installation
  • Cable Modem Installation
  • Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Setup
  • Upgrading Existing Customers
  • Custom Wiring
  • Disconnections
  • Equipment Pickup
  • Provisioning of Additional Outlets
  • Upgrading to High Definition or Other Digital Services
  • Other In-home Services


Our Unique Advantages – Your Complete Solution

  • Cable technology itself is evolving rapidly and we stay on top of industry trends.
  • We support Cloud and IP-based platforms.
  • Knowledgeable in Next Generation business solutions and user interfaces.
  • We partner with our customers on “Gig to the Home” initiatives.
  • We offer a unique ability to connect all solutions to the growing wireless network outside the home.
  • We track key performance indicators to manage and implement best practices.
  • Our focus is on technician training, safety, retention and performance.
  • 100% of our fleet is on Global Positioning Service (GPS) for efficient route planning and dispatch, and ultimately customer service.


We realize that our every action influences the branding and public image of the clients we serve, and we strive to deliver excellence on every service call.  We look forward to serving the evolving needs of cable subscribers with unparalleled installation, upgrade and maintenance services for new and existing customers.